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This has all gone quiet now, all the projects proposed by the pundits were not value for money, surprise, surprise!! There is a minor scheme to dredge the harbours and thatís about it. Never the less, the Islands need an up to date transport service and my 2011 proposals remain relevant. In the meantime I am researching a 21st century 35 knot passenger ferry to carry say 150 passengers and luggage. In high season this could make 5 or 6 trips per day even in the worst summer weather.


 In April 2011,  I added an updated supplement to my proposal to include developments up to that date. Since then the Minister has rejected the Route Partnership £64 million scheme because it was not value for money, but he has given us the chance to go back to basics and put forward a less costly infrastructure alternative, but not including funding for ships. Look at my new infrastructure proposal.      

The new harbour board has met and specified a program of works. The problem is that none of the decision makers are shipping people and they have decided on facilities for the existing old ships and have not looked at the needs of modern 21st century shipping technology which could transform and rejuvenate the flagging shipping services by sea to the Islands. I have issued newsletters as the project has proceeded and they are at: click


My original proposal is still valid: 

Go to my detailed proposal for a brand new modern 21st century Isles of Scilly shipping service this is my updated report and becomes even more significant with the closure of Penzance Heliport, and the Government's rejection of the expensive route Partnership scheme for the shipping service. My scheme meets all the objectives, provides a better quality service and will cost not more than £15million including ships and associated infrastructure with a much enhanced service to the customer but with much reduced "greenhouse" pollution and much lower  annual running costs than the current servcie or the old route parnership proposal.


On 13th October 2010, I was privieged to present my proposal to the Department of transport officials in London. Click here to see a pdf of my subsequent presentation to an audience at St.John's Hall Penzance click


Go to my CLOUD TEN fast ferry page . CLOUD TEN is the elegant replacement for both the ageing "Scillonian3" and iminently departing Helicopter service.


Or look at this FBM "tricat" she can do 47 knots in 3.75 meter waves! CLICK (use browser back arrow to get back here).


Go to my Stern Loading Vessel page The SLV will provide a modern low cost efficient cargo service with minimal handling and fast transit, and interface neatly with mainland transport and on the Islands, including direct delivery to Tresco. Cornwall Council now say that the freight service is the "lifeline", therfore my RoRo SLV scheme fed from an out of town depot is the most efficient and least cost solution. The Councy Council scheme is a throwback to the labour intensive 1950's, confirmed by their own shipping consultant!!!!   


Look at my presentation to the Cornwall Council Strategic Planning Committee at The Acorn Theatre, December 2009.

Note, July 2010, it is interesting to see that most of the rubbish  and clutter that has littered the quays at PZ Harbour for a number of years, as depicted in my presentation, has recently been cleared up AND the current freight ship operator has cleared out the wharehouse and re commenced using it for the reception of goods also as suggested in my presentation and proposal. Is this a coincidence??? 

All we need now is for the ship's crew to stagger their tea breaks to allow continuous loading and all the traffic problems will go away and we will not need a £30 miilion new freight shed on the promenade! see QWAD


Look at my pictures of the SWATH fast ferry 


Look at my pictures of Isles of Scilly Ships that I knew (,or still do )


Look at other ship and marine related pictures


Look at my "Storms at Penzance" pictures.


Link to myInter Island Launch Page


Link to myGry Marithapage


link to The Heyday of Sail


I am preparing a photo gallery of other ships and alternative nautical structures relevant to the Isels of Scilly servcie  and a "memoir" of my working life with Isles of Scilly Steamship Co., ships, shipping and aeroplanes.


Please visit again soon 


I am gradually uploading my archive so please visit again, I have boxes of stuff to sort through, but I am concentrating on my isles of scilly shipping proposals first. I DO have some good ideas about how to improve the air service and will be working on that soon.                                     

Look at my memories of starting the Skybus service

Look at my pictures and memorabelia of my nine years running Skybus (click on the thumbnail to see a slide show) more pictures on their way soon

Look at the De Havilland Caribou BrochureThis was an ideal aeroplane for our short sector Lands End/ St. Mary's route She had good STOL capability and could carry up to 30 passenegrs or nearly 4 Tonnes of cargo on palletts loaded by fork lift via a stern ramp, and / or vehicles.  It wouild have been very difficult for the Island Council to find reasons to stop us operating this aircraft! I was invetigating maintenance and uk registration when the parent company threw me out. The new Directors did not persue this project. They did not understand the potential of this aircarft, they where "ship oriented" Two trips a day with this aeroplane would have met all the consumable freight needs of the islands, at much less cost than running a half empty ship. There were many in service, the Australian Army had a fleet of them.